I am a beginner to yoga and/or Pilates and I'm looking for a yoga class near me. What class is best for me to start with?

  • For beginners to yoga, we offer a Vinyasa Basics classes. These yoga classes for beginners focus on the basic principles of the Vinyasa yoga style (linking breath with movement), postures, and sequences in a small yoga class setting. Please visit our schedules page to view when this nearby yoga class is offered. 

    You are also welcome to attend our Vinyasa All Levels yoga class as it is catered to a range of skill levels. In this case we recommend you let the teacher know that you are a new student. 

    Pilates classes are also available to all levels, even pilates classes for beginners!

I see you offer a New Member Promotion, what are the details and how do I purchase that?

  • The Chasing Nirvana Yoga New Member Promotion is for first time students only. It is not available for visitors from out of town. It is a $30 for 30 days unlimited membership and expires 30 days from the first attendance to class. 

    You may purchase the New Member Promotion online beforehand or at our Merrimack, NH, yoga studio on your first visit. However, we do recommend pre-registration for class in order to guarantee a reserved spot. 

I’m pregnant; do you offer prenatal yoga classes near me? Which class is best for me?

  • We offer prenatal yoga series on the schedule, once you have exercise from your doctor all of our Vinyasa classes are suitable for pregnancy. Please inform the teacher beforehand that you are pregnant so they may offer modifications or alternate yoga poses to take during class. 

    We also offer Yoga Ananda, which is a more relaxing and restorative class. You will find a combination of deep stretching and supported poses using props such as bolsters and blankets to provide extra support. 

    Our Pilates Barre class is also fit for pregnant women as most time is spent standing working on thighs and glutes. Please inform our yoga instructor beforehand of your pregnancy so they may provide modifications or alternate poses where necessary. 

I have never been to CNY Studios but want to attend a yoga class in my area, how do I sign up?

  • Choose the classes tab from the top of the home page. Using the calendar schedule, choose the class you'd like to take. You'll be taken to our MindBody website where you can create an online account. Fill out your first and last name under the “New to our site?” section and hit next. You will then be prompted to supply further information to create your account. Once that is completed you will be able to purchase a membership and register for class.

I signed up for a membership at the studio. How do I sign up for class after my visit?

  • Please visit our MindBody website and create an online account. Fill out your first and last name under the “New to our site?” section and hit next. Since you have already been entered into our system your name will be found, please click “This is me!” Do not create a duplicate account. You will then be prompted to supply further information to create your account.

I have signed up for a membership at the studio but when I created an online account and try to sign up it’s asking me to pay, why?

  • It is highly likely that a duplicate account has been created. Please contact us at 617 863 7863 or by email at info@chasingnirvanayoga.com so we can merge the accounts to resolve the issue. 

I signed up for class but cannot attend. What is your yoga class cancellation policy?

  • You may early cancel your yoga class registration up to 2 hours before class without penalty. The purchase will be credited to your account here at CNY Studios for future use, not back to the credit card used. Any cancellation after 2 hours before class begins will be considered a Late Cancel. Late cancels will be charged, no exceptions. Drop-ins and Class cardholders will lose the one class and unlimited membership holders will have one day deducted from the duration of their membership. This will be done automatically.

How do I cancel my yoga class reservation?

  • To cancel your reservation, sign into your MindBody account using your login and password. Under the "My Info" tab you will find "My Schedule" and a "Cancel" button next to your reserved class.

    On-the-go? You may also cancel your class by downloading the Chasing Nirvana Yoga smart phone app. Simply search “Chasing Nirvana Yoga” in your app store. Once installed you may preregister and cancel classes with ease. 

    We do not take cancellations over the phone or by email.

How long in advance can I sign up for yoga classes?

  • We open up class registration 1 week beforehand. 
    Example: On Monday you may preregister for next Monday’s class

I am trying to sign up for class but there is no sign up button next to it, why?

  • This could be due to a number of reasons:
    1.)  We open up yoga class registration 1 week beforehand. If it is more than 1 week in advance, registration is not yet available. Once registration opens, the Sign Up button will appear.
    2.)  If registration for the class is open but the button is not available this means class is sold out. Please sign up for the wait list and keep an eye out throughout the day for spots to open up.

The class I’m trying to register for is sold out. What can I do?

  • We recommend preregistering with ample amount of time beforehand to ensure a spot. If class is already sold out, you may keep an eye out throughout the day to see if somebody cancels. 

    You may also show up for class that night and take the chance of someone not showing up. However, we cannot guarantee that you will obtain a spot in class. 

I am trying to sign up for a yoga class in my area but I’m receiving an error message or a time restriction message, what does this mean?

  • It is highly likely you have an early morning drop-in on your account that is not valid for evening classes and our system automatically tries to use that in priority. Please call us at 617 863 7863 or send an email to info@chasingnirvanayoga.com so we can resolve the issue.

    If this is the case, to avoid this complication in the future, you may sign up for early morning classes with a membership then purchase a drop-in that morning. Inform the front desk staff you would like them to switch the visit over to the drop-in rather than your membership. 

If I’m running late for class, can I still attend? Will my spot be given away?

  • We allow a five-minute window after class begins for latecomers to jump-in. After five minutes, we cannot allow anyone into class, as it is too much of a distraction to our students and teachers. 

    To give a fair chance to all our students, if there is someone waiting to attend a sold out class, after that five-minute window you will be considered absent and your spot will be designated. 

What are your policies on membership extensions?

  • Extensions on memberships are provided to those with documented illnesses or injuries and emergencies. Requests and documentation should be sent to info@chasingnirvanayoga.com

    Extensions will not be granted for sale cards or memberships. 

I am registered for a yoga workshop but cannot attend. Can I receive a refund?

  • We have a strict no refund policy on events and workshops. 


To create a peaceful and empowering environment and yoga class experience for your practice and community, please follow these studio etiquette guidelines:

  • Be Timely. Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to prepare and settle. Leaving class early is strongly discouraged. New students please arrive 15 minutes before class. Late entry is not permitted.

  • Be Clean. Do not wear perfumes, colognes, scented body lotions, or oils. Neatly organize any gear near to your practice space. If you tend to sweat outside of your mat, bring a towel and wipe down your area when class is over. Food or drink other than water is strictly prohibited.

  • Be Peaceful. Turn off your cellphone and electronic devices when you arrive. All personal belongings other than practice gear must be stored outside of the rooms. If you are a doctor or must be available on call, please leave your cellphone with the front desk. 

  • Be Respectful. Respect the silence of the practice rooms before and during class. As we practice with the community, be mindful and aware of the energy you transmit to those around you. 

  • Be a Student. Follow instructions and be open to considering new forms of practice or different ways to visit poses for the best yoga class experience.