Is Breathwork the Next Big Thing in Yoga?


Take a deep breath, count to three, and take one more. Feel better? Recharged? That’s because science points to breathwork as a way to gain a sense of self-awareness and release anxiety and trauma. Yoga studios across the world are now incorporating this practice into their daily offerings, but the practice of breathwork isn’t new. Breathwork has roots in Eastern practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and Buddhism, but it became a major form of therapy in the 1960s.

“Breathwork is like shaking an etch-a-sketch after finishing with a drawing. You’re harmonizing the energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and beyond, bringing the entire being back to neutral as a way of living truly and deeply in flow with the present moment rather than dragging the undigested noise of past experience into every situation.”

Breathwork combines conscious control with breathing. It encourages healing, restoration, and ever-expanding perspectives. This is why it works so well with a yoga practice. It’s a way to promote full-body healing and allows the practitioner to experience the full benefits of a yoga class.

Learn more about the history of breathwork, why it works, and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine in the Wanderlust Journal. Still not sure where to start? Take another deep breath. We can help! Join us at our Merrimack, NH, yoga studio for an assortment of classes for all levels!

Sydnie Lopolito