Mindfulness is Worth It, Even Though It’s a Difficult Practice


As a yogi, you’re practicing mindfulness during every class, whether you know it or not. Mindfulness, the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, is an incredible practice with incredible benefits. Just by being in the present moment, you’re reducing stress. In fact, some studies even say mindfulness not only reduces stress but also gently builds an inner strength so that future stressors have less impact on our happiness and physical well-being.

However, if you’re a mindfulness practitioner, you know it’s anything but easy. It can be frustrating to focus on the present moment, and it can cause many emotions to come to the surface, like sadness, anger, and guilt. Mindfulness encourages us to work through these emotions and move forward, ultimately allowing us to get one step closer to nirvana, or ultimate peace.

“Mindfulness can, at times, feel wildly unsatisfying, because it forces us to hold back from unleashing frustrations in ways that would be imminently relieving—(it feels good to get anger out of our system)—because we know we’ll feel worse if we say something we will later regret.

The practice of mindfulness creates the pause that allows us to intentionally choose how to act. We train ourselves to refrain from giving into our immediate, knee-jerk impulses.”

Here's a great read from Elephant Journal explaining why mindfulness is worth it, even when it feels totally unsatisfying. During your next class, I suggest asking your yoga teacher how to best practice mindfulness off the mat. This is why yoga is so amazing. It sends us home with the tools to bring peace into our daily life!

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Sydnie Lopolito