Yoga is Becoming a Staple of Global Health Care. Here’s Why

Yoga Global Health

Yoga has come a long way since its inception five to ten thousand years ago. Then, yoga was a spiritual practice. Now, yoga has modernized into endless iterations, from traditional all the way to fun weekend events with wine and hip-hop music. 

It’s even made its way into our standard health care offerings. Now that we’re, with the rare exception, past the times of mass infectious diseases, humans are lucky to live longer lives. Unfortunately, we’re now plagued with different ailments like depression, financial pressure, and anxiety. And that’s not even mentioning our diets. With the rise of junk food and processed goods, our bodies are changing, and we may be in the midst of a new health care crisis. That’s why many people are now turning to holistic practices such as yoga for a positive life impact.

“A diet of processed, sugar-laden food, a working environment that allows little time for relaxation or creative expression, lack of exercise, loneliness, intense financial pressure – these are all features of many people’s lives in the modern world, and they are having a profound impact on their health. Whether it’s the rise in depression and anxiety, or the fact that in 2015 84.1 million Americans aged 18 and older had prediabetes, it’s becoming clear that traditional medicine is struggling to tackle this modern health crisis. This is where yoga can (and does) have a positive impact.”

Studies have found that yoga has incredible health benefits, including decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, and improving heart health. In this changing world, yoga may just be the answer to fighting back against today’s health stressors. 

Check out this article from Daily Cup of Yoga for more on why yoga is a growing part of global health care. Still not convinced? Join us for a yoga class at CNY Studios in Merrimack, NH! We have a full schedule with all types of yoga catering to all levels of experience. Try them all and see what’s best for your personal health!

Sydnie Lopolito