Could foam rolling be what your workout is missing?

yoga stretch

"Aside from smoothing out and hydrating fascia, improving circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage, "lubricating" the joints, reducing inflammation and increasing flexibility, the roller can also be used as the basis for a total body workout that is the perfect complement to whatever other exercise you like to do, or can be a workout in its own right."

If you don't foam roll before or after you exercise, you are seriously missing out. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or you're joining a yoga class for beginners, you can discover physical and mental benefits of foam rolling.

Luckily, put a foam-rolling guide together to explain everything you need to know. Check out the article here to learn about why you should foam roll from a physiological perspective and how to choose a foam roller. Plus, you'll find a handful of foam rolling exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts.

It's easy to find foam rollers in the fitness section of stores and online for less than $20, so bring a foam roller to your next yoga class at CNY Studios or roll out when you get home after class to give your body the stretch it deserves! Our Merrimack, NH, yoga classes are available for all levels, so don't hesitate to try out our new Merrimack yoga studio!

Christine Hayes