March Instructor Interview: Kristen Lamarre

Teaching has always come naturally to Kristen Lamarre, studio manager and yoga instructor at Chasing Nirvana Yoga Studios.

kristen lamarre

Before she started training yogis on the mat, Kristen worked with students in a high school science lab. She realized she found more joy in her mostly self-taught yoga practice and determined it was time for a career change. That’s when this Massachusetts native traveled to Pavones Yoga Center in Pavones, Costa Rica to complete multidimensional yoga teacher training. She had fallen in love with the Central American country on a previous vacation and decided it was the perfect setting for taking yoga to the next level in 2015.

These days, you can catch Kristen in our Merrimack, New Hampshire yoga studio. When she’s not doing yoga, Kristen likes to hike and hang with her dog Koby.* She also teaches intro to paddling lessons and stand-up paddle board (SUP) yoga.


Q. How did you really get into yoga?
A. Teaching high school was my first big girl job, and I realized when I graduated from college that I wasn’t as active as I used to be. I went to school in the mountains so I was always hiking and skiing. But when I moved home and it was winter while I was teaching, I decided to move all the furniture in the living room teach myself sun salutations in my living room. I used YouTube videos, went to some classes and then decided to do yoga teacher training.


Q. What’s your favorite type of yoga class to teach?
A. I really like teaching a powerful Vinyasa to a large group of people where everyone is moving and breathing in unison, and we’re all in sync. It’s an amazing experience to lead a big group of people through yoga. And then I love teaching Yin, the very relaxed, meditative and slow yoga. All the poses are done on the ground and you use props like blocks and blankets so the body gets comfortable. You’re supprted so you can relax and soft. Think of it as your body lengthening and reaching instead of pulling.


Q. What are some of your goals for CNY Studios?
A. My goals are for the studio to keep growing and for us to keep getting people in. Merrimack doesn't have a wealth of yoga options available yet. Another goal is to get people to try yoga who don’t think they’re flexible enough to enjoy it or may not traditionally think of themselves as someone who would do yoga.


Visit Chasing Nirvana Yoga Studios to take a class with Kristen Lamarre. Our yoga classes in Merrimack, NH, are perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike.


Christine Hayes