May Instructor Interview: Ann Marie Devi

ann marie

Ann Marie Devi is a New Hampshire native, but she spent nearly 20 years raising her family in Indiana. Now that she’s back in the Granite State, she’s bringing the power of yoga to Merrimack. Ann Marie previously earned a Master’s Degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine, which she paired with yoga teacher training. As a result, she’s knowledgeable about holistic healing in a way that will elevate your yoga experience at our Merrimack yoga studio.

When she’s not spending time with her kids or grandkids, Ann Marie likes to get outside. She finds peace in being outdoors, whether she’s hiking in the White Mountains or kayaking in a nearby lake.

Q. How did you get involved in yoga?
A. I started meditating when I was about 19 and that was sprinkled in and out of my life. It was really because of stress -- raising kids and working a full-time job -- that I decided to start. I decided to take a regular asana class and fell in love. I remember thinking how my first teacher was so calm and found myself wondering how she does that. I thought I could never be like that.

You might think we’re just stretching you out, but yoga is about breath, body and mind. It’s about teaching people to be in the moment. And with time, people take that off the mat and start to feel it in life. Then, you feel like you have to go back to the mat and learn more. You’ll realize you’re kind of addicted and you don’t know why.

Q. What’s your favorite type of yoga class to teach?
A. I don’t think I have a favorite because it depends who I’m teaching. No matter what class I’m teaching, I like to sequence with a purpose. So whether the postures are related to a reading or a yoga topic or specific muscles that I might bring up, I like to integrate that into the class. I just like to plan classes with purpose. It doesn’t matter if it’s vinyasa or yin class -- whatever kind of class it is, I like to develop it with a lot of thought.

I have a personal trainer certification, so I like to work on muscle-related things, focus and really become aware.  I like to draw body awareness, too, not just breath. People don’t even realize they’re using parts of their body and spine at points, so I integrate that knowledge as much as I can in classes.


When Ann Marie practices yoga, her daily stress melts away -- and that inner peace is what she tries to impart on her students. “Even when I’m having a bad day personally, I sit on the mat and boom: I’m in the teaching space and I’m in the Zen space.”

For more details about Ann Marie’s journey, check out the instructor page on our website. Join one of Ann Marie’s classes at Chasing Nirvana Yoga Studios in Merrimack, NH, today!


Christine Hayes