June Instructor Spotlight: Carla Ferrara

An engineer-turned-health connoisseur, Carla Ferrara now splits her time between personal training, teaching yoga and working as a functional nutritionist. While she dealt with her own health problems, she was inspired to learn about the human body and help people who are chronically ill. She’s loved yoga since she gave it a try about 20 years ago so she proceeded to complete her training then joined the Chasing Nirvana Yoga Studios team.


“Yoga gives you a whole different perspective and so much more information about your own body, and then you start seeing it in other people’s bodies.”

Carla’s favorite poses to teach in class change based on those who join, as well as in her own yoga practice. She likes designing sequences for specific purposes depending on her health needs at the time. Yoga has helped Carla stay active throughout health issues while remaining as healthy as possible.

“People assume yoga is just great for stretching -- which is still good -- but it’s much more than that.”

One time, Carla had everyone in a class write down an intention or word so she could choose a yoga pose that matched each student’s personality and intention. She used these poses to create a custom sequence for the class. And as a rower, Carla wanted a series of poses that targeted improving her technique and strength on the water. She worked on creating a yoga sequence for herself that she ultimately taught a group of fellow rowers.

“People started bringing yoga principals to yoga and biking but rowing is more complex, and yoga can help with technique in so many ways. It actually helped me get back to rowing when I was fully healthy again.”

So what inspires Carla as a yoga instructor?
“It’s the feeling of being comfortable enough while teaching to key in on the class and adjust the plan as needed, on the spot. That takes a lot of practice, and you have to be confident in what you’re doing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you thought it’d work out, and that’s okay. I guess I really try to get people to not think about looking a certain way or being a certain way but instead find their own expression of the pose.”

Meet Carla and the rest of the CNY Studios instructors at our yoga studio in Merrimack, NH, today!

Christine Hayes