Yoga can help kids deal with anxiety at school

When people introduce yoga into their lives, they discover a whole range of benefits. One of the best parts about yoga and its perks is that there's no discrimination. Across every gender and age, people can find advantages to practicing yoga and participating in daily meditation.

Results from a recent study at Tulane University show that adding yoga to the school day can help kids better manage stress and overall quality of life. In the study, some third-grade students with anxiety completed an eight-week yoga and mindfulness intervention while others were treated with counseling and more traditional social work activities. After 10 classroom yoga sessions before school in the morning, students showed higher quality of life scores. You can find more details from Forbes!

At a time when the most developmentally important learning opportunities are being stripped away in U.S. schools—recess time, art and music, and hands-on learning—and stress levels are rising, the study points to an effective way for schools to help kids deal with it all.
— Forbes

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Christine Hayes